200,000 France fans signed petition to replay the World Cup final match


After a thrilling 120-minute 3-3 tie, France was defeated by Argentina in a dramatic penalty shootout in Qatar.

With a 2-0 advantage at the end of the first half, Argentina appeared poised to coast to victory.

Kylian Mbappe, though, provided two magical moments late in the second half to force overtime.

He made the first one from the penalty spot, beating Emiliano Martinez while maintaining composure.

The second, however, was incredible as he exchanged passes with Marcus Thuram before volleying the ball into the corner.

Messi gave Argentina the advantage once more in extra time, and Mbappe added his third goal in the waning seconds of extra time.

Then it was time for penalties, when Kingsley Coman and Aurelien Tchouameni both missed and sealed France’s doom while Argentina erupted in jubilation.

The best World Cup final that we have ever witnessed.

A petition calling for a rematch of the World Cup final has 200,000 signatures from French supporters.

But does the final game need to be repeated?

It would, at least, if 200,000 French supporters had their way.

This is due to the petition asking for a rematch of the 2022 World Cup final having that many signatories.

Why do they want a rerun of it?

Well, their argument isn’t exactly convincing.

“The arbitration was utterly sold, there was never a penalty + fault on MBAPPE on the second goal,” they write.

“Sign and share collectively for a rerun of the game!”

Why does France desire a rematch of the World Cup Final?

They are stating that they favor a rematch because they think Argentina ‘purchased’ the referee in the first place.

In addition, they disagree that Angel Di Maria, who scored the game’s first goal after being fouled by Ousmane Dembele, should have received a penalty. Additionally, they allege that Mbappe was fouled during the setup of Argentina’s second goal.

In addition to 200,000 signatures, the petition has received more than 80,000 comments.

Will the 2022 World Cup final game be replayed?

Simply put: No.

There is zero likelihood that the championship game will be repeated.

While French supporters may be dissatisfied with Szymon Marciniak’s refereeing in the final, we actually thought it was rather competent.

Yes, Di Maria received an easy penalty for the opening goal, but you can’t really disagree with the ruling.

Regarding the alleged foul on Mbappe that led to the second goal… what a sin?

They might have a case about some of Argentina’s bench being on the field when Messi scored in extra time.

According to the rules, the referee shall deny the goal if the additional person was a player, substitute, excluded player, or official of the team that scored if he or she was on the field at the time the goal was scored before the game resumed.

But as we said, it would have been incredibly severe and had no bearing on Messi’s goal’s outcome.

The sooner these French supporters accept the outcome of the World Cup, the better.

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