Andre Onana (26), has announced his retirement from Cameroon national team


After being kicked out of this winter’s World Cup, Cameroon goalie Andre Onana announced his retirement from international competition.

The 26-year-old, who started for Cameroon against Switzerland in their World Cup opening, was benched for their match against Serbia in the following match after a disagreement over tactics with manager Rigobert Song.

Onana might have been replaced by Devis Epassy because he’refused’ to change his playing style for Song.

After only one game for his nation, Onana eventually took a flight home from the competition, while Cameroon was eliminated early after collecting four points from three games in Group G.

Onana, the Inter Milan goalkeeper, has opted to leave international service just weeks after Cameroon was eliminated from the tournament.

On Friday morning, he posted on Twitter, saying: “It all began in Ngol Nkok, a little community where my family taught me the principles that define the Cameroonian people at a very young age. I realized that loyalty to this nation is unwavering and that dedication cannot be compromised.”

“I recall how my family and I enjoyed watching the games.

“Only Cameroonians can comprehend what seeing the Indomitable Lions play means to us. I then began to daydream of donning the jersey of my country. And now, after countless hours of practice, countless journeys, and much tenacity, I can state with pride that I have realized my great dream.”

“However beautiful a narrative may be, every one has a conclusion. My experience with the national squad of Cameroon is now over. Players come and go, names fade, but Cameroon takes precedence above everyone.”

“Cameroon is timeless, as is my passion for the team and for our people, who have always stood by us through the toughest of times.

“My opinion won’t ever alter. Wherever I go, I will battle to raise the flag of Cameroon as high as I can because my Cameroonian heart will never stop beating.

“I will continue to watch matches as a fan, just like the over 27 million Cameroonians do. I can only express my gratitude to everyone who put their trust in me and thought I could strengthen and advance this team.

“The country first and always.”

Manager Rigobert Song confirmed Onana’s dismissal from the starting lineup following Cameroon’s second match against Serbia due to disciplinary issues.

“I’m accountable, and if any decisions need to be made, I’m ready to do that, he declared.”

“The players I do have available are what I’m interested in. And we have a really important match coming up in just a few days.”

“The problem is that Andre has been excluded currently due to disciplinary issues. The rules should be expected to be followed by all members of a group. And I would rather make sure that teams come first than than individuals.”

“I believe the decision needed to be made and that it was something that had to take place.”

“Everyone who was chosen was qualified, and those who didn’t want to participate can be evaluated for it.”

Over a six-year span, Onana made 34 appearances for his nation.


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