Ansu Fati’s father is unhappy with Barcelona

La Liga

The amount of time that Ansu Fati spends on the field for Barcelona this season under Xavi Hernandez is not at all satisfactory to his father.

The Spanish forward has played 40% of the available LaLiga Santander minutes so far this season as he tries to establish himself as a starter.

When discussing his son’s position with El Partidazo de COPE, his father, Bori Fati, did not mince words at all.

When Jordi Cruyff and Mateu Alemany and Fati met on Monday, Fati admitted he didn’t even attend to the Camp Nou on the day of the Clasico.

Fati’s response to the topic of why Xavi does not use him more frequently was, “That’s an excellent question, ask him. I’m not sure how to respond to that either, and I’m sure a coach would have some explanations.

“I can understand if he feels that he lacks some skills, like defending. Additionally, the team succeeds and surpasses Real Madrid by 12 points; you don’t mess with what works. He has always been Ansu’s idol, even before he joined the Barcelona team. He speaks to me, and he’s a kind man.

Fati’s stay in Barcelona

The biggest problem for Fati appears to be that although his kid wears jersey number 10, he is not a key player.

“What is going is what disturbs me. He is your franchise player, the number 10, and he snatched it from [Lionel] Messi when no one else was available. I find it offensive how Ansu is being handled in terms of minutes. That disturbs me: one minute, two minutes, three minutes “Senior Fati added.

When questioned if the player would like to leave Barcelona, it is evident that Ansu is not interested, despite the fact that the player’s father would not object to the concept.

“Mateu tells me about Ansu’s connection to the club’s history as his first piece of information. He is very explicit in telling me that they had placed a lot of bets on Ansu” Fati’s dad gave an explanation.

“The first thing Ansu says is that he is staying in Barcelona when I sit down to speak with Jorge (Mendes). I have another thought and I wonder what is happening. He then responded, “I accept anything but this, dad,” to me.”

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