Barcelona president Laporta says the European Super League will begin in 2025


A European Super League might begin operations as early as 2025, according to Barcelona president Joan Laporta, if a crucial court decision favors the concept.

The European Court of Justice is yet to rule on a case alleging that football’s governing organizations, UEFA and FIFA, overstepped their bounds when they threatened to ban clubs or players who joined a proposed Super League.

A Super League attempt by 12 clubs in 2021 shocked European football, but most clubs withdrew from the initiative in the wake of outcry from fans and politicians.

Despite opposition from a variety of sources, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus have persisted in calling for the establishment of a prospective Super League.

Laporta told radio station ‘Cadena SER‘:

“In March or April we will have the verdict from the European Court of Justice.”

“The Super League will be an open competition. I would not have entered in this project if the competition was not open.”

UEFA may also have a seat at the table, according to Laporta, who wished for clubs to be capable of managing themselves. Laporta added:

“If the resolution is favourable, I think the Super League (could start) in 2025.

In October of last year, Florentino Perez, the president of Real Madrid, claimed that football was “sick” and that a European Super League could cure it. Perez presented the original Super League project in 2021.

The first 12 clubs to propose the breakaway initiative included the “big six” Premier League clubs: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham.

However, they backed out of the project and promised never to participate again. Laporta then suggested the Super League could compete with the English top flight.

He continued:

“I think at first we will make a European competition that competes with the Premier League.”

“I don’t think the English clubs would enter at the start, it is my personal opinion.”

Laporta added that the possible Super League and the Premier League will “end up with a merger down the line.”

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