Barca to ask UEFA for 100 million if it leaves them out of the Champions League

La Liga

If banned and unable to play in the Champions League the next season, Barcelona, which is unperturbed by the “Negreira case,” will demand UEFA for 100 million euros.

The Catalan club calculated the amount of sponsors or merchandise they would lose if they were kicked out of Europe’s top club championship, according to “Mundo Deportivo.”

Barcelona have previously stated that they will comply with the probe, despite the fact that UEFA has established a file and is looking into the situation.

The Spanish newspaper also mentioned that representatives from UEFA paid a visit to the “Cule” club’s offices.

UEFA faces a big risk of having to pay Barcelona substantial sums of money if it chooses to ban the team from the Champions League before the Spanish courts render their decision. This led to the Catalan club filing a lawsuit and seeking damages for “consequential damage” and “loss of profit” The club would suffer damage for the first reason, and the money that was due to be paid would no longer be paid for the second.

How does UEFA prevent this? According to the organization’s bylaws, it “invites” teams to play in the Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League each season once they have earned a “right” in their country’s domestic championships.

As a result, if UEFA made the decision to violate its own rules, they would be subject to millions of euros in compensation. As a result, if they do not want to pay the Catalan team 100 million euros for the harm done, they should hold off on imposing any punishment on Barcelona until the courts have had time to rule on the “Negreira case.”

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