Barcelona are plannig for Messi’s return


In June, Leo Messi’s PSG contract will expire. Al-Khelaifi has instructed the French club to use all of its resources to keep him, but he hasn’t yet made up his mind what he’ll do. FC Barcelona is closely monitoring his status.

That the “Cules” want him back is a known fact. The footballer, who played his entire career at the Camp Nou before moving to Paris in 2021, has received public appreciation from Barcelona President Joan Laporta and manager Xavi.

The strategy to bring Messi back to Spain has begun. Nevertheless, according to “Mundo Deportivo,” Barcelona is putting him on the back burner. Although the Catalan side is curious about what he’s up to, they won’t go to any lengths to capture him.

Barcelona is already aware that Messi is interested, and the team believes that should be sufficient. They are now hoping that the forward would make a move so they can get things going.

The Camp Nou board is aware that they won’t be able to make the man from Rosario a substantial financial offer. If Barca gets the chance, they will have to offer him a smaller wage, but they will have a trick up their sleeves: they will reportedly try to persuade him with a portion of the money he brings in commercially.

Messi will have to understand that he won’t be the team’s star if he accepts the opportunity to come back. He would now have to contend with those who assumed control after him.


In any case, Barca is convinced about their stance. First and first, Messi must initiate contact, and the other team appears to be aware of this information via a person close to the player, whether it be a member of his entourage, another player, or Xavi.

Barcelona will start looking for a less well-known player in the meantime. They’ll take extreme measures to capture the Argentine if his return turns out to be a possibility. Yet Messi won’t have to worry about his previous team pursuing him every day of the week until then.

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