Barcelona are still going for Kante but its looking harder now

La Liga

The future of N’Golo Kante at Chelsea is still quite uncertain as they negotiate the Frenchman’s new contract. Barcelona wants to sign him for nothing this summer, but it appears to be growing harder and harder every day.

Chelsea will exert every effort to keep Kante on their team. He is seen as a crucial component of the Blues’ lineup, and the athletic board and the coaching staff are determined to keep him over the next weeks.

Fabrizio Romano, a journalist, claims that the Frenchman wants to remain in London but not at any expense. Kante is awaiting a strong offer from Chelsea before agreeing to his most recent, significant contract.

Barcelona, however, is still hoping to sign him. The Catalan team believes he would be the perfect Sergio Busquets replacement, who may be playing his final season for Barca.

However, everything suggests that Kante will continue to play for Chelsea. Despite the strained mood brought on by recent disappointing results, they have been discussing for days and although no agreement has yet been reached, it is hoped that one will be reached soon.

The upcoming weeks are crucial for Kante’s future since he will keep communicating with the English team to arrange something. He will start talking to Barca if no agreement is reached at that point.

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