Barcelona want $100 million for Ousmane Dembele


Despite having a contract with Barcelona that runs through the summer of 2024, there have recently been rumors via various media sites about an intriguing possibility for Ousmane Dembele (100 Million).

Dembele is apparently attempting to join PSG, who are prepared to spend 50 million euros for him, so that he may go back to his native country. Although ‘Sport’ claims that obtaining him for $50 million will not be possible, he would be welcomed as a great star.

According to the newspaper, Barca has a 100 million euro buyback clause. Although it was previously believed that 50 million would be sufficient to avoid having to negotiate with the Catalan giants, “Sport” reports that the amount is actually twice that.

Given that Barcelona spent close to $100 million to get him from Dortmund years ago, it makes sense that this is the true sum.

A buyout clause for him that was less than the initial transfer cost would not make sense. In addition, the club’s financial situation is not the best, thus they are trying to maximize the profit from each sale.

After struggling for years to play frequently due to ailments, Dembele appears to have finally put his injury issues behind him and is now playing frequently for Xavi Hernandez.

In multiple news appearances, the coach has made it plain how he feels about the player and that, with the right instruction, he has the potential to develop into one of the world’s top players.

Following the heartbreak of losing the World Cup final in Qatar, Dembele will make an effort to display his talent the rest of the way.

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