Benjamin Mendy found “not guilty” on six count of rapes


After the actor was exonerated of raping women at his residence, MANCHESTER City issued a statement regarding Benjamin Mendy today.

Mendy was cleared of raping the ladies at the lockdown-busting gatherings.

The Manchester City player was alleged to be a “predator” who “made the chasing of women for sex into a game.”

Mendy, 28, is also accused of hiding his victims’ phones and locking them in a “panic room” to prevent them from escaping.

But today’s verdict exonerated the French international of six rapes and one sexual assault against four women.

He could be retried after the jury was unable to agree on the outcome of one count of rape and one count of attempted rape against two additional claimed victims.

A statement has now been issued by the football team.

It said:

“Manchester City FC notes the verdict from Chester Crown Court today, where a jury has found Benjamin Mendy not guilty of seven charges.

“The jury is hung on two charges and the trial is now over.

“Given there are open matters related to this case, the club is not in a position to comment further at this time.”

The left-back enticed young women into “toxic and dangerous” circumstances at his six-bedroom Cheshire mansion, jurors were told during a six-month trial.

Co-defendant Louis Saha Matturie allegedly served as Mendy’s “fixer” by persuading girls as young as 17 to go to the lockdown-busting events following nights spent in the VIP areas of clubs drinking Champagne worth £1,500 bottles.

Some of his victims said that when they arrived, their phones had been taken away, preventing them from calling for help.

After entering, it is said that the ladies were treated as “disposable…used for sex and put to one side.”

However, Mendy’s attorney Eleanor Laws KC urged the jury to free him and put an end to his “total agony.”

She called the prosecution’s comparison of him to Jimmy Savile and charges that he used his prominence to harass women “utterly ludicrous.”

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