Brazil legend Rivaldo praises Cristiano for his move to Saudi Arabia


Cristiano Ronaldo’s lucrative transfer to Al-Nassr, according to Brazilian star Rivaldo, is a “recognition award for his amazing career.”

The 37-year-old signed a two-year contract on Friday with the Saudi Arabian team, reportedly worth £175 million annually.

Ronaldo represented Portugal at the World Cup as a free agent after his shocking departure from Manchester United in November.

Despite the star’s admission that he has offers from teams throughout the globe, including those in Europe, Australia, and Brazil, it appears like Ronaldo’s illustrious career in Europe has come to an end.

Despite being disappointed that the Portuguese forward passed up a move to Brazil, Rivaldo is adamant that he made the correct choice by relocating to the Middle East.

Rivaldo told Betfair:

“Cristiano Ronaldo has finally signed with Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia and it was interesting to hear that he has offers from all around the globe, including Brazilian clubs.”

“It would have been special to have Cristiano here, especially because most Brazilian people like the Portuguese player and all that he has achieved in football. I’m sure it could have been a huge attraction in the country if he had decided to move to Brazil.

“Anyway, I think that his decision of moving to Saudi Arabia was the right call if we consider the contract value, that in some way works as a recognition award for his amazing career.

“Of course, he doesn’t need that money, but it’s always nice to be recognised for your efforts and this is like a kind of coronation of a great player that is now at the final steps of his beautiful career as a player.

“To be paid like this at almost 38 years-old just underlines his importance in the world of football for many years.”

Ronaldo, meantime, was scheduled to make his Al-Nassr debut on Thursday but was unable to do so because of the some technical problems.

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