Brazilian FA wants Luis Enrique but the players don’t


According to “Sport,” Luis Enrique is the favorite to succeed Tite as head coach of the Brazilian FA (CBF). Some of the team’s key players, including the so-called Brazilian Guardiola Fernando DIniz, prefer him.

The national team of Brazil is looking for a coach. Tite, a coach with a stellar record, finished a cycle at the World Cup in Qatar, although he was unable to lead Brazil to their sixth World Cup. The Brazilian FA has a number of persons on their agenda in an effort to win it.

Rodrigues fantasized about perhaps convincing Pep Guardiola to leave Manchester, but the Catalan coach will remain there. Luis Enrique is ranked higher than Jose Mourinho, who was also mentioned as a candidate for the Brazil post, after Guardiola.

Brazil chose Luis Enrique because of a number of factors that made them like him. Brazil’s philosophy is based on both his willingness to take a chance on young players and the fact that he like to play offensively. Additionally, he has experience coaching at the top level and has earned awards. There is something, though, that works against him.

Senior members of the Brazil team appear to have quite diverse ideas about who the new coach ought to be. The most recent evidence is that Fernando Diniz would be chosen. The Fluminense manager, also known as the “Brazilian Guardiola,” was excellent last season as a result of his possession- and dominance-based playing style, despite the fact that he has yet to win a championship.

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