Breaking: Manchester police are investigating Erling Haaland


This season, Erling Haaland of Manchester City has terrorized every opponent’s defense. This is owing to his alarming stats, which show that he has scored 42 goals in 37 appearances across all competitions, including 28 goals in 28 games this Premier League season.

Due to his pitching prowess, Erling Haaland has gained notoriety, and now everything he does becomes front-page news. The Norwegian man has become well-known, whether for good or bad.

He was caught on camera using his phone while driving in the Manchester region, so this most recent episode may not be as flattering as he would have hoped. The appropriate authorities are now looking into this incident.

The Greater Manchester Police are currently looking into the issue, according to the same source. Guardiola’s guy will undoubtedly continue to wreck the Premier League while they decide whether there is enough evidence to bring charges against him.

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