BREAKING: New men’s World Cup will start in 3 years, FIFA announces!


FIFA will replace the present seven team model with a 32 team Club World Cup in the future, according to Gianni Infantino.

Infantino made a weird statement to start the World Cup in Qatar a few weeks ago, attacking everyone for opposing the country’s hosting of the event.

The Swiss-Italian criticized the “west” for its hypocrisy and startled everyone by declaring, “I’m feeling quite strong right now. I feel Qatari today. My mood is Arab. My mood is African. I’m gay. I feel limited. I experience migrant labor.”

When the FIFA president was seen on the screen during a few games, fans booed him for his decision to prohibit the wearing of One Love armbands during the tournament.

It hasn’t gotten any better for Infantino during the World Cup, and it won’t have helped that he and FIFA decided against establishing a fund for migrant workers.

They received criticism as well for initially planning to host the event with three team groups in the US, Mexico, and Canada for the following edition.

That’s because it has been expanded to a 48-team competition, and Infantino said on Friday that the Club World Cup will also be expanded to a 32-team competition.

Seven teams now compete in the middle of the season, but starting in 2025, the competition will be longer and is held over the summer postseason.

In his final World Cup remark, FIFA’s president stated that a 32-team tournament would take place, making it similar to a World Cup.

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