Bruna Biancardi and Neymar are expecting a child


Bruna Biancardi and Neymar are expecting a child. The former fiancée and the Brazilian soccer player have revealed they are expecting a child together. Ney will have a second child following Davi Lucca, an 11-year-old.

With a new bundle of joy, the couple is celebrating their restored relationship. They haven’t said whether it will be a girl or a boy.

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After calling off their wedding, Neymar and Biancardi restored their romance

Biancardi and Neymar started dating in 2021, and in January of 2022, they made their relationship status public. But they split up later that year, in August 2022, not long after declaring their engagement.

“I’ve always been myself and you guys know this, but because you keep asking, I’d like to make it clear that I am not in a relationship and there was no infidelity,” the model said at the time, while also denying infidelity accusations. […] I have the utmost respect for Neymar and his family! Please don’t mention me by name. I appreciate it very much.

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Bruna and Neymar are excited to have a child together

The couple started dating again in early 2023, and they are now moving further in their relationship by becoming parents. “We’ve dreamed of your life, we’re planning your arrival and know that you are here to complete our love, and make our days much happier,” Neymar and Biancardi said in their announcement post.

“You’re going to join a beautiful family, with my sister, grandmothers, uncles, and aunts who already love you very much!” the Instagram influencer, who has 3.6 million followers, concluded the post. Son/Daughter, we can’t wait to see you soon.

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