Referee Patrick Ittrich has proposed four rule changes in an effort to make the game better


Referee Patrick Ittrich of the Bundesliga has proposed four rule changes in an effort to make the game better, including a 10-minute “cool down” period and a new free-kick regulation.

In an interview with Frankfurt-based daily FAZ Sport, the 44-year-old referee, who has supervised four top-flight matches in Germany this season, gave a number of insightful recommendations.

First, he wants to reduce the number of tactical fouls committed during games by advancing the next free-kick.

06.06.2020, Eintracht Stadion, Braunschweig, Ligaspiel, 3. Liga, Eintracht Braunschweig v FC Bayern Muenchen II,

Ittrich says:

“For a tactical foul in midfield, a free kick should be awarded 17 metres from goal.”

“How often would we see such fouls then?”

Second, the outspoken Ittrich has complained about simulation and wants to penalize those who dive by benching them for three minutes.

16.01.2021, GER, Fussball, 3.Liga, Saison 2020/2021, 19. Spieltag, Sportclub-Arena, Verl SC Verl – 1.FC Kaiserslautern 1 : 1 Patrick

He says:

“If a player rolls on the floor three times and needs a doctor, get him one and make him wait outside for three minutes.” 

“How quickly do you think the player will stand up?”

Ittrich feels football can learn from another sport and has a remedy for how officials are mistreated.

“If a player insults a referee, send them outside for 10 minutes to cool down,” the official says. “Go cycling to warm up before coming back in. We can learn from handball in that respect.”

He added:

“How is a referee surrounded by 10 men after a decision? In my opinion, boom, boom, boom – three red cards. Play seven against ten now. That’d be fine by me.”

The first American to play in Serie A, retired player Alexi Lalas, made a few of his own comments regarding the rules of the game last month.

The former LA Galaxy defender posted a message on Twitter.

Lalas believes that a goal from outside the box should count as two goals in addition to demanding larger nets. In fact, he believes that penalties should be avoided and that offsides should only be allowed within the final 35 yards.

The 52-year-old thinks a hockey “penalty box” should be used to punish players and make the handball entirely unnecessary.

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