Carlo Ancelotti: I will stay in Madrid for rest of my life


Fans, journalists, and pundits discuss Carlo Ancelotti’s future on a regular basis, and he remains extremely clear about it.

With several high-profile posts and, more crucially, several high-profile managers potentially available, the Real Madrid coach may be departing the team at the end of the current campaign.

“My goal is to remain at Real Madrid. I’m happy. I’ve repeatedly stated that I intend to spend the rest of my days with Real Madrid” said Ancelotti.

And no matter what is said, whether when the Brazilian national team players or the CBF president speak, nothing has changed, and everyone who has contacted the coach and inquired has received the same response.

Notwithstanding the existence of a contract that ties the two parties together until June 30, 2024, neither Ancelotti nor the executives of the Madrid club have committed themselves to the Brazilian national team.

Brazil is known for wanting Ancelotti, and even the CBF president, Ednaldo Rodrigues, who expressed this desire to the Madrid coach via Kaka, stated that Brazil wants Ancelotti.

The CBF is prepared to wait until the club makes a decision regarding the bench’s future at this time. It is the ideal situation for Ancelotti, who wants to continue at Real Madrid but has the five-time world winners as his dream destination in the event of a parting.

The Italian coach participates in all of the discussions on the future of the Madrid team as the season goes on. He has never demanded any kind of revolution in order to keep his job. Ancelotti would never attempt to influence Real Madrid in any way over the final year of his contract.

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