Carmelo Cunha blames Diego Simeone for Mathues Cunha’s bad form


Currently, Matheus Cunha plays for Wolverhampton. The striker left Atletico Madrid by making a subtly critical statement about Diego Simeone, but his father went much further and was much more direct.

In remarks to “Globo Esporte,” Carmelo Cunha criticized the formation and strategies of the Argentine coach: “There is no way a striker could succeed in Simeone’s system.” “It’s quite challenging.”

Carmelo and Matheus Cunha

Prior to it, Simeone and the reasons for leaving the Spanish capital had been discussed by his son Matheus. Football is like any other employment in that there are people in authority; Simeone has his hierarchy, and then there are others who make decisions before you have to make your own.

Carmelo said that Matheus’ new club made him delighted.” He joins Lopetegui, a reputable coach who has been calling him frequently, a coach of international standing. All we can do is pray that he succeeds in this endeavor.

“Atletico? They were unable to refuse the offer to purchase Cunha. Even though the Atletico owner and the supporters wanted him to stay, they had to find a buyer for him. Despite the fact that he was already settled in Madrid, He will face a lot of opposition, and our best wishes are with him. “We wish him the best of luck in his career in England,” he said.

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