Ciro Immobile suffers a terrifying car crash

Serie A

Ciro Immobile, a striker for Lazio, was transported to the hospital after his automobile collided with a tram in Rome early on Sunday.

Despite being far behind league-leading Napoli, Immobile and his colleagues have surprised everyone in Serie A this season.

The chase for the top four in Italy is getting very competitive, and the forward’s penalty against Spezia on Friday helped the team move ahead of their opponents and into second place.

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The Italian international will, however, be counting his blessings after getting into a collision while driving his two kids a few days later.

The video below shows how the front of his car was completely crushed in after colliding with a tram, however they managed to escape the tragedy unharmed.

The former Borussia Dortmund marksman told AGTW after exiting his car, “The tram ran a red signal. Fortunately, I’m okay; my arm merely hurts a little.

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No one was believed to have been seriously hurt when the footballer and his kids were transported to the hospital, though Corriere dello Sport said that the 33-year-old had a bloody hand and might have fractured his shoulder.

Considering the damage to his automobile from the collision that occurred only a short distance from the Stadio Olimpico, he would still be satisfied with that result.

He apparently maintained his composure long enough to assist a victim of the collision into an ambulance and inquire about their status.

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“I saw the car arrive and then the crash, lots of people on the tram, the driver, on the ground,” the witness told AGTW.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, a number of other vehicles were also engaged, making it impossible for tram passengers to “say with certainty” that the tram ran a red light.

With AC Milan and Inter Milan on the schedule for the last stretch of the season, Lazio manager Maurizio Sarri will undoubtedly be hoping that the striker can return soon.

AC Milan hammer Napoli ahead of UCL clash

The two Milan clubs are also vying to be in the top four, however their Champions League campaigns may cause them to lose focus.

With the two teams on the verge of scheduling a semifinal encounter, the notorious Marco Materazzi and Rui Costa photo from the 2005 quarterfinals may be repeated.

After defeating Napoli in the league just ten days prior, Milan overcame the league leaders 1-0 in the opening leg of their match, while Inter defeated Benfica 2-0 in Portugal.

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