Cristiano and Georgina have violated law in Saudi Arabia


After joining Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia, Cristiano Ronaldo has started his journey in Arabian football, where he has received an incredible welcome.

The 37-year-old signed a two-and-a-half-year contract worth over 200 million euros per year, and he then traveled to Saudi Arabia with his partner Georgina Rodriguez and their five kids.

The Portuguese star and model’s visit could spark some debate in the nation of the Arabian Peninsula, though.

The Saudi Arabian law that CR7 and Georgina are violating

Cristiano and Georgina will be breaching the law by cohabitating in the nation because they are not yet legally wed.

Living together without being married is prohibited in Saudi Arabia, which has led to concerns over how Ronaldo and Rodriguez will be handled in this circumstance, according to the Express.

The media site, however, refers to a story by EFE that details the expert view of two Saudi lawyers, who think that the authorities will overlook the breach in this case.

Lawyers provide their opinions

“Despite the fact that cohabitation without a marriage license is still against the law, the authorities have started to ignore the issue and take no action. Of course, when there is an issue or a crime, these laws are used “a lawyer stated.

The other said, “The law still forbids cohabitation outside of marriage, but the Saudi Arabian authorities currently do not interfere in this matter [in the case of foreigners].”

Are Cristiano and Georgina going to get married?

Although there is no definite date, the Portuguese football player has stated that he does intend to wed the model.

In a November interview with TalkTV’s Piers Morgan, Cristiano remarked, “I’m not thinking about it now, but I can see in the future that I think I deserve it, she deserves it.

But even though it’s not currently in my plans, I do want to in the future.

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