Dani Alves has new business in prison


Dani Alves is accused of sexually abusing a young woman in the restrooms of a nightclub in Barcelona, and he has been held without bond for more than two months.

Since then, his defense team has been fighting nonstop to get the Brazilian released from jail before the trial begins.

Meanwhile, the former Barcelona defender is at the center of a peculiar enterprise that his fellow prisoners in Brians 2’s module 13 have started.

Alves has reportedly been welcomed by the other inmates since his arrival, and because he is well-known in the football community, he has established a league in which several teams compete.

Orders for Alves’ football shirts have “quadrupled,” according to ElCaso.com, since the Brazilian has been imprisoned.

The situation in Brians 2 prison involving Alves

In addition, there has been an uptick in the “trafficking” of Dani Alves-signed Barcelona shirts.

One of the prisoners has the necessary permission to go about the institution and collect all of the Blaugrana shirts due to the boom in this industry.

These range from those that are requested through couriers to those that are sent by family.

According to the media, the aforementioned prisoner brings them to module 13 and has Dani Alves sign them.

After completing this task, the prisoner sends the letters to their loved ones or friends before returning them to each module.

This is not free, though; the prisoner charges a commission to each of them via tobacco packets or other items from the jail store.

Dani Alves carries on as usual for the time being while he waits for the trial date to be revealed.

A date that, based on the most recent predictions, might not be known for up to 15 months.

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