Dani Alves jokingly says he is still ahead of Messi in a Instagram post


Dani Alves, who enjoys making people laugh on social media, shared a picture on the site displaying his 43 trophies, compared to Lionel Messi’s 42.

The Brazilian made a light-hearted remark about the Argentine’s inability to capture him. It is well known that he has great fondness, respect, and admiration for his Barcelona-based colleague and that he is quite delighted for him.

Lionel Messi and Dani Alves get along great, and the Brazilian is always pleased with everything the Argentinean accomplishes.

“Even though it may hurt some, in my case, I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved, I look back fondly on it and with my head held high. I’m going to suffer, but I not going to be down again. However, you’re going to need me to take you out of the bottom of the well I came out of. Don’t cry, baby,” the full-back wrote in an Instagram post. He also attached a photo showing him holding 43 trophies and Messi holding 42.

One can surmise that he is about to retire even though his remarks weren’t meant to be taken seriously. He has accomplished everything in football at the age of 39, and he presently plays for the Mexican team Pumas.

However, in recent months, he trained with Barcelona’s B team to stay in shape before the World Cup in Qatar.

Lionel Messi appears to be a long way off from hanging up his boots. At the end of this season, his PSG contract will expire.

He hasn’t decided yet whether or not he’ll stay at the Parc des Princes. Additionally, he has the option of joining Barca or the MLS. He is currently focused on sharing his incredible accomplishment with his folks in Argentina.

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