Judge’s Ruling on Dani Alves Rape Charges: Victim’s Testimony Revealed


The cameras of the Cuatro show “Codigo 10” obtained and made available the judge’s ruling regarding the charges of rape against Dani Alves. In it, the court questioned a number of the player’s claims.

Daniel Podence charged by FA

‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ made the alleged victim’s statement public on Thursday after accessing the accidentally triggered body-cam footage of the police officer who spoke to the woman.

Dani Alves still held without bond on rape charges

She added as she exited the Sutton nightclub, “I went into the toilet freely and after a few kisses I told him I wanted to go… but he ordered me ‘no’ and to lock the door.

Dani Alves, Brazil

“He started calling me names like “you’re my little bitch” and started hitting me. He grabbed my clothes and threw my bag to the ground, the plaintiff continued. She then goes on to describe the rape she underwent at the hands of Alves.

Dani Alves Remains in Custody Over Rape Charges in Barcelona

The woman seemed to be aware that the situation will become more complicated: “Nobody will believe me because they’ll see on the cameras that I went into the bathroom voluntarily,” she says.

Will Dani Alves win the football tournament at his Spanish Prison?

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