David De Gea rejects Man United renewal offer


What will happen to David De Gea’s future in the upcoming season is still unknown. The Spanish goalkeeper’s deal with Manchester United expires in June, and he hasn’t reached an agreement to extend it there.

Without saying more, the English club’s board reportedly offered him a first offer to extend his contract in the last few hours, but the goalkeeper chose to reject it because he didn’t like the new terms.

The Red Devils want the former Atletico shot-stopper to remain on the sidelines, but they want him to take a far lower pay in exchange. The Spaniard’s entourage, meanwhile, isn’t thought to fully support such requests.

United initially had no intention of renewing his contract, but after watching the goalkeeper perform well all season, the board has changed its mind. Yet, the two sides are not yet in agreement.

The Manchester club hopes to reach an agreement and sign a contract in the upcoming weeks.David De Gea may freely negotiate with any club he chooses in the interim while his contract is about to expire until he has a firm future in place.

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