€350 million is not enough to convince Lionel Messi


Leo Messi’s deal with PSG runs through the end of the current campaign. Although the French side wishes he would, it appears doubtful. Although these are not the only proposals on the table, they are the ones that look the most plausible, and Barca is patiently waiting for the star to decide to return to the city that served as his home for many years.

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Money isn’t everything for the Rosario man. “Marca” claims that he has some really enticing offers. For instance, they are prepared to pay him €350 million each season for two years in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, they would be open to signing a second contract through 2030 to serve as the nation’s ambassador and public face.

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But not even all the gold in the world could persuade Messi to visit Saudi Arabia. Many in the nation are beginning to understand that seeing Messi and Cristiano in the same league is going to be virtually impossible, at least for the time being.

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The two sides who were most interested in the Argentine, Al-Hilal and Al-Ittihad, are reportedly seeking for alternatives for their teams right now. Even much it stings, the star is not considering their offers.

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According to recent speculations, Messi may visit Barcelona again. His return to the red and blue is already the subject of a plan by the “Cule” club. They will first speak with La Liga, and after they agree to the terms, they will begin speaking with the striker’s support group.

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