Eight Brazilian First-Division Players Suspended Over Alleged Game-Fixing


Teams suspended the playing time of eight first-division players in Brazil on Tuesday and Wednesday. The suspensions were due to allegations of game-fixing last year. Alves was mentioned in connection with the investigations in Brazil by multiple publications. However, his MLS team did not specifically identify him in their statement.

In a statement, Major League Soccer (MLS) stated that it was “aware of reports regarding alleged involvement by a current and former player in connection with unlawful sports gambling” and promised to launch an inquiry right away.

“We are aware of the allegations involving a Colorado Rapids player and illegal sports betting. We take situations of this sort seriously and work hard to uphold the fairness of the game at all times. According to a statement from the organization, MLS has suspended the player from all team operations. They are looking into the situation.

Authorities claim to have discovered an internet gambling-related match-fixing network. The network allegedly paid footballers $10,000 to $20,000. The footballers were paid to receive yellow cards, get dismissed, provoke penalties, force a predetermined amount of corner kicks, or ensure certain scores.

Flavio Dino, the minister of justice, directed federal police to launch an inquiry into the claims on Wednesday. This is because they may have “repercussions” outside of Brazil.

In November, authorities opened an investigation in response to Vila Nova’s claim. They claimed that three games in its league’s final match week of 2022 had been manipulated.

Last month, authorities declared their investigation had turned up a match-rigging ring. They said that was just the “tip of the iceberg.” They added that its tentacles had reached into numerous state tournaments, Brazil’s top-flight league, and perhaps beyond.

Six clubs suspended eight players, including Eduardo Bauermann of Santos, Pedrinho and Ecuador’s Bryan Garcia of Athletico Paranaense, Vitor Mendes of Fluminense, Nino Paraiba of America Mineiro, Richard of Cruzeiro, Alef Manga and Uruguay’s Jesus Trindade of Coritiba, and Alef Manga and Bryan Garcia of Coritiba.

The clubs suspended some players, who were playing for different clubs at that time, for a variety of lengths of time, from one match to indefinitely. According to a club source who spoke to ‘AFP’ on the condition of anonymity, Red Bull Bragantino has not permitted Argentina’s Kevin Lomonaco to exercise with the team since they became aware of the investigation in mid-April.

Many of the footballers, including MLS player Alves, appeared in instant chats with the betting syndicate that police unearthed and Brazilian media made public on Wednesday.

The head of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), Ednaldo Rodrigues, said in a statement: “I’m in favor of preventive suspensions based on concrete evidence, including expulsions from the sport in cases where there is definitive proof.”

Authorities charge 16 persons, including players and suspected ring members, with involvement in tampering with at least 13 matches, including eight first-division contests last year. They could spend up to six years in prison if found guilty.

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