Endrick: I joined Real Madrid because of Vini Jr and Ronaldo

La Liga

After Zico’s charity game, Endrick spoke with “Marca.” The young man revealed himself and acknowledged that Cristiano, his idol, and Vinicius were the reasons he selected Real Madrid.

The Brazilian football player, who recently joined with Real Madrid, spoke with “Marca” during the Zico-organized charity game.

Endrick acknowledged that his decision to join Ancelotti’s team was motivated by his desire to emulate his two favorite players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Vinicius Junior.

“Vini has messaged me to give me more optimism and Real Madrid are a very strong team. My hero Cristiano also played at Real Madrid. Real Madrid was my pick because of this, and I believe it was the right one. This is the best course of action, according to God, who has always been by my side.

“However, he has given me guidance for the rest of my life, not only for now.

He is my friend, and I believe we will remain close for a very long time. I’m hoping we can trade lots of assists and both of us score goals. I’m overjoyed. Although I am extremely grateful to God, I am grounded. I’ve not won anything yet.

I am very grateful to God for the present, but only God has control over the future, Endrick continued.

However, he noted that he is now still representing Palmeiras: “In 2024, when I go to Real Madrid, I expect to have fantastic seasons. I’m currently at Palmeiras, but I’ll be watching them from a distance. May Vini, Eder [Militao], and Rodrygo enjoy successful seasons, and may Real Madrid continue to triumph in the Champions League, La Liga, and Super Cup.”

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