Every golden boot winners from past World Cups


The Golden Boot Award is given to the player who scores the most goals in the FIFA World Cup. If more than one player scores the same goal, the player with the least playing time will receive the Golden Boot award. Similarly, the second place winner will get the silver ball and the third place winner will get the bronze ball.

Since the 12th edition in Spain in 1982, the Golden Boot award has been given to the player who scored the most goals in the World Cup. Before that, there was no separate official award for the top scorer of the World Cup.

Italian Paolo Rossi won the Golden Boot for the first time in 1992. He scored the highest 6 goals that year. Since then, the Golden Boot has been awarded to the top scorer in every edition. Since 1982, the award that started to be given in the name of Adidas Golden Shoe has started to be given as Adidas Golden Boot.

Golden Boot winner so far

1982 Paolo Rossi (Italy) – 6 goals

Paolo Rossi

1986 Gary Lineker (England) – 6 goals

Gary Linekar

1990 Salvatore Schillaci (Italy) – 6 goals

Salvatore Schillaci

1994 Oleg Salenko (Russia) – 6 goals

Oleg Salenko

1998 Davor Suker (Croatia) and Hristo Stoitchkov (Bulgaria) – 6 goals

Davor Suker
Hristo Stoitchkov

2002 Ronaldo (Brazil) – 8 goals


2006 Miroslav Klose (Germany) – 5 goals

Miroslav Klose

2010 Thomas Müller (Germany) – 5 goals

Thomas Muller

2014 James Rodriguez (Colombia) – 6 goals

James Rodriguez

2018 Harry Kane (England) – 6 goals

Harry Kane

Highest goalscorers in other editions

1930 Guillermo Stabile (Argentina) – 8 goals

Guillermo Stabile

1934 Oldrich Nejedly (Czechoslovakia) – 5 goals

Oldrich Nejedly

1938 Leonidas (Brazil) – 7 goals


1950 Ademir (Brazil) – 8 goals


1954 Sandor Kocsis (Hungary) – 11 goals

Sandor Kocsis

1958 Just Fontaine (France) – 13 goals

Just Fontaine

1962 Florin Albert (Hungary), Valentin Ivanov (Russia), Garrincha and Vava (Brazil), Drazan Jerkovic (Yugoslavia), Leonel Sanchez (Chile) – 4 goals

Florin Albert
Valentin Ivanov
Drazan Jerkovic
Leonel Sanchez

1966 Eusebio (Portugal) – 9 goals

Pele and Eusebio

1970 Gerd Müller (West Germany) – 10 goals

Gerd Muller

1974 Grzegorz Lato (Poland) – 7 goals

Grzegorz Lato

1978 Mario Kempes (Argentina) – 6 goals

Mario Kempes

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