Fabrizio Romano claims Chelsea can get Alex Sandro for free


Popular Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano claims that Chelsea can sign Juventus star Alex Sandro for nothing this summer because the Italian club is unlikely to extend his contract.

Alex Sandro has worked for the Turin-based team for a very long time and has shared in some of their most memorable events over the last few seasons. But it appears that his time there is running out.

The Brazilian left-back is quite reliable and underappreciated. He frequently performs under the radar, but he carries on with business as usual and maintains very high performance standards.

Alex Sandro has a depth of experience. He still has a few more seasons of top-flight football in him at the age of only 31. Any club would be smart to sign him on a free transfer.

According to Romano, Juventus has no plans to extend the player’s contract as things stand. Although the Italian club has the option to give him a single-year contract extension, they don’t seem particularly eager to do so.

Potter will seek to increase the depth of his team. He has observed how the Blues team has struggled with injuries all season, so signing Sandro for nothing would make sense.

Ben Chilwell and Marc Cucurella are already two excellent left-backs for Chelsea, it must be kept in mind. The two can alternate playing in that position because of their respective talents.

It does not really make sense for the Blues to sign Alex Sandro unless they want to move one of the duo. So, whether Chelsea gets to the point where they actually need to sign another left-back, only time will tell.

A free move for Sandro is always a fantastic possibility. As time passes, we can determine if we wish to finalize this agreement.

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