FIFA deletes two controversial tweet about Messi and Ronaldo


Two tweets that seemed to make fun of Cristiano Ronaldo were removed from FIFA’s official World Cup account. FIFA is the organization that governs football worldwide.

It did not seem as though Ronaldo’s recent months could be any worse after being omitted by Portugal for their two knockout matches in Qatar and being fired from Manchester United under difficult circumstances.

His main competitor, with whom he spent a significant portion of his career, later accomplished what neither of them had: he won the World Cup. Football has become fascinated by Lionel Messi as a result; the Argentine has now smashed the record for the most liked Instagram post and is widely regarded as the unquestioned “greatest of all time” (GOAT).

Even FIFA seems to have weighed in on the discussion, posting two tweets on its official World Cup account that seemed to favor the Argentines over the Portuguese.

“The GOAT controversy is settled. The grand prize has been added to the collection. They tweeted a picture of Messi with the World Cup along with the statement, “The legacy is complete.

This was quickly followed by a tweet that said, “Thumbs up if you really loved the FIFA World Cup,” and included a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo giving the thumbs up.

After Messi’s victory, FIFA tweeted something that appeared to be mocking Ronaldo, which they later removed.


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