Five Argentine players nearly got hit by electric wire on bus parade


Some players of the Argentine team that returned home after winning the World Cup in Qatar on Sunday have escaped a accident.

Five players, including captain Lionel Messi, who were sitting in an open bus during the parade in the capital Buenos Aires on Tuesday morning avoided a possible accident.

They arrived in Argentina on Tuesday morning and went to the parade in an open bus. Sitting in an open bus in the crowd of millions of supporters, they managed to dodge the electric wire that was about to touch them.

Along with Messi, Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredes, Rodrigo de Paul, and Nicolas Otamendi sat on the top of the bus. In the public video, it is seen that they bent down and dodged the wire at the last moment.

As soon as they realized that they were close to the wire, these five players bowed down. In the final on Sunday, Argentina won the World Cup after 36 years by defeating the previous winner, France, in a penalty shootout.


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