Former Brazil coach Tite have been robbed


Tite, who has said he would no longer coach Brazil, is said to have been robbed while out and about in Rio de Janeiro’s Barra da Tijuca neighborhood.

Ancelmo Gois, a journalist for “O Globo,” claims that the burglar snatched a personal item from the former Brazil coach and then berated Tite for Brazil’s dismal World Cup performance before fleeing.

They are seeking a new coach in Brazil. After Croatia eliminated Brazil in the quarterfinals, Tite made the decision to resign.

Jose Mourinho, the manager of Roma, is the front-runner to succeed, but there are other contenders.

After the tournament, Tite is now relaxing and taking it easy, but he ended up getting into an unexpected scenario.

Ancelmo Gois, a journalist for “O Globo,” claims that the coach was robbed in Rio de Janeiro at about 6:00 local time (10:00 CET).

Tite was peacefully strolling through the city’s Barra da Tijuca neighborhood when a thief came up to him. He was stripped of an unidentified personal item by the robber.

The thief had one more thing to say to Tite as if that weren’t enough. He berated Tite for Brazil’s subpar World Cup performance.

He expressed his disappointment to the former boss before leaving since he felt that Brazil should have been able to win the trophy for the sixth time.

According to journalist Gois, Tite is OK. Despite being unharmed, he was clearly upset by what had transpired.

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