French Media: Neymar is the biggest flop in football

Ligue 1

At PSG, Neymar has not gotten off to the best start to the year. He was less active against Angers than he was against Rennes on Sunday. In light of this, the Brazilian was criticized by the French media, which referred to him as “the biggest flop in football history.”

Neymar didn’t have his greatest 2022 or 2023 seasons. The Brazilian lost to Croatia at the World Cup, and the number 10 came back to Paris to compete for PSG, but his poor form has continued.

The first game against Lens, which the Parisians lost, did not feature the ex-Barcelona player. He participated in the match with Messi against Angers, which they narrowly defeated. The striker contributed to the loss against Rennes on Sunday.

After all of that, the French press did not hesitate to pursue a player who was already gaining attention. “He made too many failed attempts to change things on his own. As a result, he frequently lost the ball in perilous situations and seldom ever presented a threat moving forward. Just one month before the Bayern match, this performance is concerning”, “L’Equipe” reported.

Journalist Daniel Riolo questioned, “Have we realized yet that, in terms of signings and salary, he’s the biggest flop in the history of football?” referring to the €222 million fee they paid in 2017. It’s dreadful, I can’t think of a bigger flop who cost as much, he insisted.

Although the Brazilian had a strong start to the season and had already racked up 15 goals and 13 assists through 22 games, his return to the field has not had the desired effect.

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