Gianni Infantino unfollowed Salt Bae, after fifa opened an investigation


After FIFA opened an investigation into how the celebrity chef was permitted admission to the pitch after the World Cup final, Gianni Infantino appeared to have unfollowed Salt Bae on Instagram.

Salt Bae, whose actual name is Nusret Gökçe, was spotted mingling with Argentina players and taking pictures with the World Cup trophy.

Even though Argentina’s captain initially ignored him on two occasions, he posed for a photo with Lionel Messi.

Additionally, Lisandro Martinez appeared incredibly uncomfortable posing for photos with the Turkish butcher.

Outrage was also expressed over Salt Bae’s handling of the 18-karat gold World Cup trophy, which only former FIFA World Cup champions and leaders of state are permitted to do according to the rules.

FIFA finally commented on the topic after a period of silence.

Journalist Tariq Panja received a message on Thursday afternoon that read as follows: “FIFA is investigating how people got unauthorized access to the field following the closing ceremony at Lusail Stadium on December 18. We’ll take the proper internal action.”

And, according to Kaveh Solhekol, president of Sky Sports, Infantino, the FIFA president, has since stopped following Salt Bae on Instagram.

On the platform, he had previously only followed 303 users, but that number has now fallen to 302 as Salt Bae’s official account @nusr et, which has 49.9 million followers, is no longer visible in his feed.

It would seem that the two had been pals for a very long time. Infantino made a statement on camera in January 2021, referring to Salt Bae as a “legend” and “number one” while eating at his restaurant in Dubai.

“Mr. Nusret, number one,” he said. superior than all others. An wonderful evening with Nusret here in Dubai. I will return.”

He truly is a legend. The first legend. I appreciate it very much.

Additionally, he posted a photo of himself during a World Cup game with Infantino, Ronaldo Nazario, Roberto Carlos, and Cafu.

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