How many goals Pele actually scored in his career?


PELE is indeed the best player to ever play football, but his goal total has always been debatable.

Sadly, because of his deteriorating colon cancer, the Brazilian legend will spend Christmas in the hospital.

And in this awful time, his daughter has begged followers to pray for Pele.

But no matter what, the three-time World Cup champion will always have his reputation as a goal-scoring machine.

Regarding exactly how many goals Pele actually score, there have been numerous disagreements over the years.

How many goals does Pele actually have?

Pele claimed in a tweet from 2015 that he has 1,283 goals in his brilliant career.

And as the best goal scorer in football history, he now tops the list.

Guinness World Records, who think Pele has 1,279 goals, have deducted four from that total.

The Brazilian superstar’s goal total was considerably lower, at 778, according to the RSSSF.

In actuality, Pele scored 778 goals in official matches, but the exaggerated total comes from friendlies and European tours with the Brazilian team Santos.

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