Kovacic identifies the culprit for Potter’s dismissal

Premier League

Mateo Kovacic, a midfielder for Chelsea, has identified the culprit for Graham Potter’s firing last Sunday.

After the Blues’ 2-0 loss to Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge, which put them 11th in the standings with little chance of playing in Europe next season, Potter was fired.

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The Blues are willing to take their time in selecting the third manager in the Todd Boehly era, therefore Frank Lampard has been named temporary manager until the end of the current campaign.

While that is going on, Kovacic is doing some introspection in the blue area of London and admitting that everyone on the team must accept some of the responsibility.

He told Sky Sports, “We need to be honest with ourselves. “Ultimately, it’s simpler to fire a coach than 30 players, but we also need to improve.

We should congratulate Potter for coming and doing a terrific job, but he also had to deal with a difficult position because of all the changes taking place in this place.

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Kovacic anticipates Lampard’s comeback

In Chelsea’s first game after Potter’s departure, former assistant Bruno Saltor led the team to a scoreless tie against Liverpool, which highlighted the team’s goal-scoring issues.

Lampard now has that problem to resolve, and Kovacic is glad to have the club veteran back.

We are familiar with him because he served as our coach, so it is encouraging to hear that he is back and working to improve our season. We only had a brief meeting. And we now have the chance to go and move up the league standings as much as we can because he made clear to us what he wants and hopes for the remainder of the season.

We have two gorgeous matches against Real Madrid, so there is a chance, and if there is a chance to conclude the season well, we should seize it.

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The Champions League, where they play the reigning champions Real Madrid in the quarterfinals, will now be Chelsea’s main emphasis.

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