Kylian Mbappe demands two more players to join Real Madrid


Even though Kylian Mbappe declined a transfer to Real Madrid when he was due to leave PSG and become a free agent last summer, the France international is still frequently mentioned in connection with the Bernabeu club.

Spanish fans openly mocked Mbappe for choosing to stay with a team that has yet to win the Champions League and burned his shirt after he decided to sign a new deal with the Parc des Princes team.

But he is unquestionably one of the most valuable assets in the globe game because of his form.

He still exhibits signs of unease at PSG, as evidenced by his outburst over a wage delay in the autumn, which suggests that Real Madrid can still want him as a player.

Mbappe has reportedly set two requirements for a transfer to go through, with the France international requesting that Los Blancos sign two of his close pals to their team in order to entice him.

Achraf Hakimi is reportedly a player that Mbappe wants to see back at the Bernabeu if he joins, as the two players developed a close bond when playing in France.

Theo Hernandez, a defender for Milan, will also be a target for PSG, according to the striker.

Mbappe to Real Madrid: Is it possible?

If these rumors are accurate, it will unfortunately make Mbappe unattainable for Madrid. Los Blancos are still experiencing financial strain as a result of the Bernabeu renovations, although their predicament is not quite as dire as Barcelona‘s. However, just adding Mbappe would put a strain on their finances.

The most valuable footballer in the world, according to FootballTransfers, is Kylian Mbappe, who is valued at €147 million. Theo Hernandez and Achraf are valued at €59 million and €60 million, respectively.

Madrid would need close to €270 million to acquire the trio, which they do not currently have, even if they were able to sign them at their market rates.

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