Leo Messi and Busquets were offered to Real Madrid

La Liga

The tale of Leo Messi’s time at Barcelona has been flawless. If the ‘Cule’ icon had been signed by key rivals Real Madrid, his career might have taken a totally different turn.

Manolo Romero, a former scout for the Madrid team, spoke to “Cadena SER” about what might have been: “Messi was proposed to Real Madrid by an agency. In my automobile, Leo was sitting. Watching a Premia game was Horacio Gaggioli, who at the time oversaw Messi’s development as a young athlete. Gaggioli informed us that Leo’s father “is really frustrated because he feels they won’t give him an opportunity… I’m going to phone the bosses right away, so don’t ask me twice: “Will you take us to Madrid?” “.

“And then I made a boss call. Leo was in my car for that reason while we were having a conversation with the Madrid executives. Oh, what about Figo? Horacio remarked. You already know that Madrid and Barcelona bark but don’t bite, so that was political “He continued, “I’ll say.

He went on to say that Sergio Busquets might have also transferred to Valdebebas: “At that time there was a fax about signing him for Madrid, but when they found out, Barca reacted”

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