Messi: Ronaldinho made me what I am today


There is a section in Ronaldinho movie when he discusses Lionel Messi‘s early days playing for Barcelona. The Argentine’s adjustment to the first team after rising through the ranks from “La Masia” was greatly aided by the presence of the Brazilian.

The full-length motion picture “The Happiest Man in the World” was released in part by FIFA. The life story of Ronaldinho, one of the living giants of Brazilian football, is told in this documentary-style movie.

The brief video posted on Twitter discusses Lionel Messi’s relationship with the Brazilian international. Especially, his first several years playing for Barcelona. The ’10’ of the ‘Albiceleste’ remembered, ‘He used to advise me to feel calm and comfortable, to only think about playing.

The former player played a significant role in the Argentinian’s growth on the Barcelona team. The current Paris Saint-Germain player added, “He brought me (Ronaldinho) to the side where everyone was (in the dressing room), and there was simply an empty seat and he made me sit there.

After the referee rejected a goal for offside, he recalled his first goal with the “culé” shirt, saying, “He could have done a lot of things in that pass that leads to the second goal and waits for me to give it to me.”

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