Messi’s return to Paris Saint-Germain means war

Ligue 1

According to Marca, at Paris Saint-Germain, the water is anything from peaceful. What ought to have been a perfect scenario for the French club has become a hurricane.

The rivalry between PSG’s two most well-known players, Kylian Mbappe of France and Lionel Messi of Argentina, the World Cup champions in Qatar, has left an open wound among the PSG colleagues.

Messi’s requests to president Nasser Al-Khelaifi and the rumored contract extension until 2024 could aggravate the injury.

One of Messi‘s most contentious actions happened after he got back from vacation.

Mbappe traveled to the United States for a few days on club business after his teammates wanted to honor him for the triumph in Qatar. The PSG coach himself, Christophe Galtier, had to step in.

“Leo didn’t have any bad behaviour and in the four months I’ve been here I think the relationship he has with Kylian is good.

“Kylian had a good attitude, he was disappointed with the defeat but he went to congratulate Leo with a lot of class. I think that’s good for the sport and for the team.”

But it’s easy to see what happened on the field during the World Cup final. Both parties got into a fight after losing sight of the French club’s colors.

A situation where social media quickly got viral and everyone remarked on it.

Can Messi and Mbappe still collaborate?

Mbappe was hurt by Argentina‘s triumph. Many are asking what demands he made for his contract extension with Paris Saint-Germain, which is said to have been agreed.

The first would undoubtedly be to take charge of the team’s sporting endeavors, pushing Kylian Mbappe to the side. It’s important to remember that Mbappe originally decided against moving to Real Madrid in order to fill that position.

Since the French club will also need to adapt their wage budget, Messi might also ask his pal Neymar to remain at the club, a request that has been under scrutiny lately.

Additionally, Messi witnessed the departures of two of his teammates, Leandro Paredes and Angel Di Maria, last summer.

All of this has the potential to ignite a storm that will be challenging to calm.

Messi continues to be a top MLS target, with Inter Miami confirming ahead of the start of the tournament in Qatar that negotiations with the Argentinean were far along. Meanwhile, Mbappe keeps exhibiting signs that he might even be willing to lower the transfer fee if nothing changes at PSG.

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