Muller joins Ryan Giggs as the seventh player with most Champions League appearances


In addition to being a great in German football, Thomas Muller is also a legend in European football. In terms of appearances in the European tournament, he tied Ryan Giggs with his appearance in the first leg of this season’s Champions League quarterfinal. Both men appear with 141 on an archived list of stats made accessible to BeSoccer Pro, which looked at their development and always included Bayern Munich players.

Manchester City thrash Bayern Munich

The great players profiled in this study are ranked seventh among those who have engaged in the most battles in pursuit of the UCL championship. Iker Casillas and Leo Messi round out the podium, respectively, with 177 and 177, and Cristiano Ronaldo is first with 183.

In theory, only the Argentinian, who has already left the top division for the upcoming season, could continue to break records. He is now a member of Al Nassr.

Bayern Munich back to top after defeating Freiburg

With 151 and 148, respectively, current Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez and Karim Benzema sit closely behind the Parc des Princes side star. The names Muller may soon surpass are emerging behind the Frenchman. The Bavarian and Raul Gonzalez Blanco each played in 142 Champions League games, while Ryan Giggs played in 141. With just one more game, Raul Gonzalez Blanco will pass the Manchester United player and tie the Madrid legend. He will have passed each of them with two.

Timo Werner sinks Borussia Dortmund

Sergio Ramos and his fellow countryman Toni Kroos are already in last place, both with a position of 137. As a member of a dangerous and well-regarded squad in Europe, Carlo Ancelotti’s midfielder is actually one of his primary threats in the standings, so if he advances to the final, he might be quite close to his goal total. Among them, there is a significant likelihood that Ramos will be passed by his old teammate.

Mohamed Salah could emulate Ian Rush against Manchester City

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