Newcastle Saudi takeover is being investigated

Premier League

Christian Purslow, the CEO of Aston Villa, asserts that he believes the Premier League is looking into the Saudi-led takeover of Newcastle.

After getting “legally-binding assurances” that the Saudi state would not run the club, the league approved the transaction that gave the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) majority control of Newcastle.

Yasir Al-Rumayyan, the chairman of Newcastle and governor of the PIF, was referred to as “a sitting minister of the Saudi government” in court records that were revealed in the United States in February.

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The materials seemed to cast new doubt on the relationship between the PIF and the Saudi government.

Following the release of those documents, Premier League CEO Richard Masters did not address whether his company was looking into the takeover when he appeared before a select committee on digital, culture, media, and sport last month.

Purslow is convinced that the league is investigating it, though.

He told Sky News, “I think they are (investigating).”

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“The Premier League, I’m sure, are investigating that if there is a contradiction in representation made at the time of the takeover as to the nature of the relationship between the rulers of that country—the sovereign wealth fund—and Newcastle.”

Last month, Masters assured MPs that he and his team were fully aware of the US court records. You are also true in terms of the general nature of the assignments we were given at the time of takeover. But I really can’t elaborate on it.

When it is charged and when an independent panel has determined whether any rule violations have really occurred, the Premier League makes public remarks on regulatory matters. We don’t discuss the investigative procedure at all.

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‘A clear and present risk’ to the league, according to Purslow, is posed by foreign governments supporting clubs.

I will speak as a football supporter. Purslow continued, “I don’t want to look back in twenty years and say that I was a part of a group that was asleep at the wheel.

And when we look back in 20 years, the only three teams to ever win the Premier League are three that are governed by different nations.

What can we do to stop that? We put a stop to it with the extremely strict financial regulations in place today.

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