Neymar expresses his emotions on Instagram after fans protest


On Wednesday night, protesters gathered in front of Paris Saint-Germain’s headquarters, The Factory, to voice their discontent.

They were very vocal about their opinions on the board and some players, notably Lionel Messi.

The crowd’s hostile shouts, which included calling the Argentine a “son of a b***h,” made it abundantly obvious that they no longer wanted him to represent the team.

Watch video of PSG fans saying Neymar to leave the club

However, PSG supporters didn’t just demonstrate in front of the club’s headquarters.

Many PSG supporters went to Neymar’s home to express their annoyance with the Brazilian.

Despite Neymar’s repeated ailments this season, PSG supporters continued to show up at his residence and demand that he quit the team.

They were heard shouting, “Neymar, get out! Neymar, leave now.

Neymar expresses his emotions on Instagram

After the PSG fans had left his house, Neymar expressed his thoughts on social media.

The events of Wednesday night had left the Brazilian visibly upset.

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He tweeted “They just left my door” on Instagram and accompanied it with a sobbing emoji.

Neymar also favored a comment that supported him. The article labeled PSG supporters as “small,” “lacking greatness,” and “mentally ill.”

PSG condemns the conduct of the supporters

On Wednesday night, the Parisian team issued a statement denouncing the behavior of the supporters.

Paris Saint-Germain issued a statement saying, “Paris Saint-Germain most strongly condemns the intolerable and insulting actions of a small group of individuals that took place on Wednesday.”

“Nothing justifies such actions, regardless of opinions.

The club pledges its unwavering support to its athletes, employees, and anybody else who has been the target of such despicable behavior.

The PSG player Neymar’s contract expires in 2025. Whether he completes his deal with the club or not is an open question.

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