Neymar loses $1 million in poker game and gets twitter hacked


The Paris Saint-Germain star’s Twitter account was hacked, and Neymar suffered a sizable loss while playing poker. Neymar’s bad luck persisted even off the field.

The Brazilian attacker, who underwent ankle surgery in March and is currently sidelined for the season, enjoys playing poker in his spare time.

Neymar routinely engages in online gaming on his Twitch platform and in casinos, but his most recent poker session wasn’t successful. The Titanic theme was playing in the background while he pretended to cry and scream after losing $1 million in just one hour, according to reports from the Brazilian portal Globo Esporte.

Neymar joked that he would post it on YouTube after one of his teammates said that he went “from a million to zero in 60 minutes”

The ongoing controversy surrounding Neymar has PSG players and management scratching their heads.

The 31-year-old has previously been spotted at a poker table; in fact, he even participated in the European Poker Tour, where other players thought he may succeed as a pro.

Despite his love of poker, Neymar is no stranger to controversy; in fact, the same night he took the significant loss, his Twitter account was hacked. A obscenity addressed at a Brazilian news site was among the messages, which is out of character for the normally cool-headed footballer.

Following their Champions League loss to Bayern Munich, teammate Kylian Mbappe offered some advise to the Brazilian star, saying that staying well-rested and fed was essential for their upcoming match. Christophe Galtier, the PSG manager, then supported Neymar’s right to take advantage of his day off by playing poker.

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