Nobody wants Ronaldo in Atletico Madrid


Amidst the talk of bringing in Cristiano Ronaldo to Atlrtico, the club’s fans have started protesting. Atlético fans protested against Ronaldo by starting the hashtag #ContraCR7 [AgainstCR7] on social networks.

When Ronaldo was in Real Madrid for 9 years, his performance against Atlético Madrid was always good and the fans of Atlético Madrid were always in the role of adversary against him.

Ronaldo has scored 25 goals and assisted 9 goals in 37 matches against Atlético so far. In which he has 17 wins, 10 draws and 10 losses.

While there are reports that Ronaldo may go to Atletico, the fans of the club have not reacted positively.

A fan wrote on Twitter – ‘If Ronaldo comes to the club, I will cancel both my customer memberships.’ Similarly, another fan mentioned that Ronaldo should not be accepted by the club.

Now there is talk that Ronaldo can be brought in on loan by Atlético by cutting his salary.

On the other hand, it is said that Manchester United has also offered Ronaldo and his agent to allow him to leave the club on loan if Ronaldo renews his contract for one year.

According to the report published by the Mirror, it has been mentioned that if the club renews the contract until 2024, it will allow him to go on loan to any club.

Ronaldo has a contract at United until next June. It is mentioned in the media report that Manchester United put forward such a condition to fulfill Ronaldo’s desire to play in the Champions League.

The Sun reports that Ronaldo and his agent Jorge Mendes expressed surprise at United’s loan offer, but did not reject it.

Now Ronaldo is absent from United’s pre-season tour due to family reasons.

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