Otamendi inks new tattoo, Messi is impressed


Lionel Messi received several tributes from people all over the world after winning the World Cup in Qatar. Clubs, federations, athletes, fans, figures from other sports, and even his own family honored the Argentine.

As if all of this weren’t enough, the captain of the “Albiceleste” was now also recognized by one of his comrades. The Argentine defender Nicolas Otamendi posted a video to his social media accounts displaying his new Messi-themed tattoo.

The Benfica defender caused a sensation on his official accounts after getting a tattoo of the former Barça star holding the World Cup trophy. The slogan the centre-back selected to go with the tattooed image was, “How are they going to convince me that magic doesn’t exist?”

As soon as word of Otamendi’s new tattoo got to Messi, he immediately took to his Instagram stories to devote a message to his friend and teammate.

“I have seen many fantastic things done from the World Cup trophy, but the fact that a teammate and friend like Nicolas Otamendi has this tattoo is very exceptional. Ota, many thanks “the captain of Argentina wrote.

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