Pele’s daughter posted a beautiful message for him


Pele’s daughter Kely Cristina do Nascimento, a Brazilian soccer great, posted an emotional tribute and a picture of her father at the Albert Einstein Jewish Hospital in Sao Paulo on Instagram late on Friday.

The former footballer’s daughter affirms, “Time flies… (but) happy moments are eternal.” In the old photo, Pele is pictured with Flavia, the offspring of his connection with a third lady he never married, Kely Cristina, and Jennifer, two of his kids from his first marriage.

What is the health status of Pele right now?

According to a hospital statement, Pele, 82, was hospitalised on November 29 for a respiratory infection and “re-evaluation of chemotherapy treatment on colon cancer discovered in September 2021.”

As the cancer progressed earlier this week, the hospital indicated that Pele’s condition had gotten worse and that he would now need more care. Nascimento has already expressed gratitude to supporters for their tributes and encouraging remarks.

Nascimento revealed that Pele had Covid-19 despite receiving “all the doses” of the vaccine after being hospitalized in November, and because the chemotherapy had made him more vulnerable, he had developed a lung infection.

Pele, also known as Edson Arantes do Nascimento, was one of the greatest football players in history and competed in four World Cups, winning three of them in 1958, 1962, and 1970. He also scored 12 goals in 14 games. In 1,363 games over the course of his professional career, he also scored 1,281 goals.

Pele’s family spent Christmas in the hospital

Pele’s family decided to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas at the hospital because of the Brazilian star’s deteriorating health.

In a message published on Wednesday, Nascimento stated, “Our Christmas at home has been suspended.” With all the care that this new family… Einstein gives us, we decided with the doctors that it would be better for us to stay (in the hospital) for a number of reasons.

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