Premier League to ban betting companies from shirts

Premier League

In an effort to reduce involvement in the United Kingdom, the Premier League intends to forbid betting companies from advertising on the front of shirts.

Eight of the 20 Premier League teams would be impacted by this plan, therefore the current agreements and contracts would be terminated after three years, according to the “Evening Standard.”

Advertising on billboards and other surfaces, such as the sleeves, would still be permitted.

In contrast to Newcastle, who are in the top half of the table, none of Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, or Liverpool’s primary sponsors are bookmakers at the moment. However, their present contract expires at the conclusion of this season.

The vote is still pending on the move, which was decided upon on Thursday during a meeting with the Premier League. Smaller sponsorship agreements wouldn’t be impacted because a bigger number of teams are supported.

The British government intends to release a new draft bill next month that will regulate football wagering in an effort to lessen the negative effects it has on children and society at large.

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