PSG break silence after ultras abuse Messi and Neymar

Ligue 1

The situation at Paris Saint-Germain is frightening. After being eliminated from the Champions League, the Parisian team’s performances dipped, which helped them win Ligue 1 and keep Lionel Messi for the upcoming season despite speculation that he would not.

PSG tighten security at Messi, Neymar and Verratti’s homes

A number of supporters gathered outside the club on Wednesday to protest the board and abuse some players, including Lionel Messi after he received a warning.

As if that weren’t enough, several of them even went to Neymar’s home to yell insults at the Brazilian from the outside. The former Santos player immediately went to social media to confirm the insults.

Watch video of PSG fans saying Neymar to leave the club

In light of the circumstances, PSG made the decision to issue a statement denouncing the recent acts of violence and expressing their support for the injured players.

PSG’s statement

The acts of a small group of people on Wednesday are abhorrent and offensive, and Paris Saint-Germain strongly rejects them.

PSG ultras shout “Son of a b****” to Messi

Nothing, regardless of the differences in viewpoint, justifies such behavior. The Club offers its whole support to its athletes, employees, and anybody else who has been the target of such despicable behavior.

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