Referee was taken off on a stretcher after ball hit him


During the opening phases of the League Two match between Swindon Town and Grimsby Town, referee Sam Purkiss was taken off on a stretcher. He had to be removed from the playing field after being hit in the face by the ball.

Swindon Town thrashed Grimsby Town 5-0 in the League Two encounter on matchday 27. Along with Swindon’s triumph, the referee’s incident garnered headlines.

With only 12 minutes left in the game, referee Sam Purkiss’ match was called due to a ball strike to the face.

In an attempt to stop a Grimsby onslaught, a Swindon Town player stepped forward, but the ball instead struck the referee in the face. The blow left the official unsteady, and the players immediately asked for medical assistance.

Fans applauded the referee as he was carried off the playing field on a stretcher. Purkiss reportedly felt better after receiving therapy and even interacted with the staff, according to ‘The Athletic

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