Richarlison and Tomiyasu fought in the North London Derby


On Sunday afternoon, Arsenal overcame Tottenham in the first North London derby of the year.

The Gunners have been dominant this season, and after Man City’s loss to Manchester United on Saturday, they were aware that a victory would give them an eight-point lead over the competition.

They triumphed 2-0, giving them the win they desired.

After 15 minutes, Hugo Lloris gave Arsenal the lead when he mishandled a Bukayo Saka cross and put the ball in his own net.

Twenty minutes later, Martin Odegaard’s long-range shot into the bottom corner increased the Gunners’ advantage.

Spurs made a comeback after the break, but they were unable to get past Aaron Ramsdale and Arsenal easily won by two goals.

In the 71st minute, Richarlison took Matt Doherty’s spot in the battle.

The Brazilian failed to bring his team back into the game. After the final whistle, he fought Ramsdale and shoved the Arsenal player in the face.

However, Ramsdale wasn’t the only player he ran afoul of.

Fan video showing Richarlison and Takehiro Tomiyasu arguing before the latter was brought on as a replacement has surfaced.

On the sidelines, Richarlison could be seen yelling when Thomas Partey received a throw-in.

To intercede, the Brazilian moved closer to Partey.

Tomiyasu extended his hand and stopped Richarlison from moving forward, but it was too late.

Tomiyasu’s antics did not sit well with the 25-year-old, who reacted angrily by swiping his hand away. Watch the scene below…

Richarlison and Tomiyasu clash in a north London derby (video)

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